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Welcome to CPESen (植物环境感受研究中心)!

Established in 2010, CPESen (Center for Plant Environmental Sensing, 植物环境感受研究中心) is in the College of Life and Environmental Sciences at Hangzhou Normal University (杭州师范大学生命与环境科学学院) . We offer MS and PhD degree programs (jointed with Zhejiang University 与浙大联合招收博士生) and research opportunities for students interested in Molecular Biology or Bioinformatics.

Our center is interested in the early signaling events by which plants sense environmental signals and decode to give the appropriate responses. Upon perception of external signals, cell surface receptors trigger an increase in cytosolic free calcium concentration, which is mediated by ion channels. Our long-term goals are to identify these receptors and ion channels, isolate their interacting components, and assign molecular functions to them. Currently, we are using multidisciplinary approaches of biophysics, biochemistry, cell biology, molecular genetics, function genomics and bioinformatics to dissect the signaling cascades of external calcium as well as nitric oxide in the model plant Arabidopsis. To know more about our research, please check out our research page.

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07-26-2017: Paper published
Wu, X.*, Wu, F.H., Wu, Q., Zhang, S., Chen, S. and Sima, M., Phylogenetic and Molecular Evolutionary Analysis of Mitophagy Receptors under Hypoxic Conditions. Frontiers in physiology, 2017, 8:539 [Full Text]

02-25-2017: Paper accepted
Yibo Teng*, Haoqiang Cui, Mengyun Wang and Xunyan Liu, Nitrate Reductase is regulated by CIRCADIAN CLOCK-ASSOCIATED1 in Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant and Soil, 2017, doi:10.1007/s11104-017-3208-y.

01-31-2017: Publication
Xiaoqiang Cao, Zhonghao Jiang, Yanyan Yi, Yi Yang, Liping Ke, Zhen-Ming Pei, Shan Zhu*, Biotic and Abiotic Stresses Activate Different Ca 2+ Permeable Channels in Arabidopsis, Frontiers in Plant Science, 2017, 8:83 [Full Text]