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Faculties and Staffs

Fang Yuan (远方)

Xunyan Liu (刘训言)
Associate Professor

I am interested in the early signaling events by which plants sense osmotic environmental signals and devote to illustrate the mechanism.

Yibo Teng (滕一波)
Associate Professor

1. How nitrogen regulating flowering
2. Mechanism of reciprocal regulation between nitrogen and circadian clock
3. Cloning and functional study of Mitochondrial calcium uniporter (MCU)

Shan Zhu (朱杉)
Assistant Professor

I am interested in Plant-Microbe Interaction. The environmental changes can be sensed by plants. It is very interesting to know how does plants perceive and response to biotic and abiotic stress. My project is focus on plant perceive pathogen and initiate immune response.

Xiaomei Wu (吴晓梅)
Assistant Professor

I focused on applying the tools of bioinformatics, graph theory and statistics to the studies of biological networks, protein functions and the evolution of protein families.

Liang Liang (梁良)
Assistant Professor

Areas of interest: Plant calcium-mediated signaling pathway

Jinzhen Pei (裴晋珍)
Lab Manager