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Zhen-Ming Pei ()

Advisory Director

Associate Professor
Department of Biology
Duke University
Durham , NC 27708

Email: zm-pei@hznu.edu.cn
Phone: +86-571-28868542 (HZNU)



    PH. D. Shanghai Institute of Plant Physiology, 1993
    M.S. Fudan University , 1990
    B.S. Lanzhou University , 1985

    Professional Experiences

    2010: Honorary Professor, Hangzhou Normal University , China
    2007 : Associate Professor, Department of Biology, Duke University
    2000-2007: Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, Duke University
    1999-2000: Project Scientist, Department of Biology, University of California , San Diego
    1994-1999: Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Biology, University of California , San Diego
    1993-1994: Scientist, Shanghai Institute of Plant Physiology
    1985-1987: Research Assistant, Shanxi Institute of Biology

    Research Interests

    Early signaling events by which plants sense environmental signals.

    Awards & Professional Activities

    2010 Qianren Scholar, Chinese National Honorary Professor
    2008 Honorary Professor, Beijing Normal University , China
    2006-2009 Changjiang Scholar, Honorary Professor, China

    Selected Publications

    1. Yuan, F., Yang, H., Xue, Y., Kong, D., Ye, R., Li, C., Zhang, J., Theprungsirikul, L., Shrift, T., Krichilsky, B., Johnson, D.M., Swift, G.B., He, Y., Siedow, J.N. and Pei, Z.M.* (2014) OSCA1 mediates osmotic-stress-evoked Ca increases vital for osmosensing in Arabidopsis. Nature. 514(7522): 367-361. [Full Text]

    2. Tang RH, Han S, Zheng H, Cook CW, Choi CS, Woerner TE, Jackson RB, and Pei Z-M (2007). Coupling diurnal cytosolic Ca 2+ oscillations to the CAS-IP3 pathway in Arabidopsis . Science 315 , 1423-1426.

    3. He Y, Tang R-H, Hao Y, Stevens RD, Cook CW, Ahn SM, Jing L, Yang Z, Chen L, Guo F, Fiorani F, Jackson RB, Crawford NM, and Pei Z-M (2004). Nitric oxide represses the Arabidopsis floral transition. Science 305 , 1968-1971.

    4. Han S, Tang R, Anderson LK, Woerner TE, and Pei Z-M (2003). A cell surface receptor mediates extracellular Ca 2+ sensing in guard cells. Nature 425 , 196-200.

    5. Murata Y, Pei Z-M, Mori IC, and Schroeder J (2001). Abscisic acid activation of plasma membrane Ca 2+ channels in guard cells requires cytosolic NAD(P)H and is differentially disrupted upstream and downstream of reactive oxygen species production in abi1-1 and abi2-1 protein phosphatase 2C mutants. Plant Cell 13 , 2513-2523.

    6. Pei Z-M, Murata Y, Benning G, Thomine S, Klusener B, Allen GJ, Grill E, and Schroeder JI (2000). Calcium channels activated by hydrogen peroxide mediate abscisic acid signalling in guard cells. Nature 406 , 731-734.

    7. Pei Z-M, Ward JM, and Schroeder JI (1999). Magnesium sensitizes slow vacuolar channels to physiological cytosolic calcium and inhibits fast vacuolar channels in fava bean guard cell vacuoles. Plant Physiol 121 , 977-986.

    8. Pei Z-M, Ghassemian M, Kwak CM, McCourt P, and Schroeder JI (1998). Role of farnesyltransferase in ABA regulation of guard cell anion channels and plant water loss. Science 282 , 287-290.